Chiropractic Services

As a licensed professional Chiropractor, I aim to offer excellent health care services in order to meet my patients’ needs. I’m highly committed to offering high-quality care to the North Bay community. Book your visit today and experience a change in your daily living.

Chiropractic Adjustment

A mainstay in a chiropractic treatment is the adjustment which is done after assessing the mobility of a joint. When a joint is experiencing a decreased motion compared to the joints surrounding them, a light but quick force is applied to restore the motion. The objective of the light force applied is to restore the function, decrease pain, and increase mobility. The adjustment is a pain free maneuver that is none invasive and a natural way to help eliminate the potential pain a patient may be experiencing. When applying adjustment, Dr.Phillipson uses various modifications dependent on the body part, patient history, and pain level.

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Massage Treatment

The soft tissue therapy applied by Dr. Tyler Phillipson is a pin-and-stretch approach where by the tight muscles are held in place and put through normal range of motions. This allows the muscle function to be restored and decreases muscle pain. The muscle may experience tightness due to varying factors. It can be a defense mechanism from a fall, slip, or accident as well as, a short cut for the body instead of repeatedly contracting a specific muscle. The function of a muscle is to contract and relax and the use of the pin and stretch allows a muscle to return to its original function.
Dr. Phillipson uses a tool called a percussor, a machine that helps decrease the contraction of the muscles by applying force in a similar manner of the pin-and-stretch but can reach deeper levels and on the larger muscles within the body.


In combination with soft tissue therapy, rehabilitation exercises and stretches are prescribed to aid in the healing of a patient. Dr. Phillipson uses his knowledge as a Certified Crossfit Trainer and his Sport Science Certification to develop a program including simple and easy exercises that all patients can complete. The exercises provided include short movements and are personalized which can be done at home. These easy exercises help to aid in decreasing pain and increasing the ability to perform tasks and activities that a patient wants to do. Taking five minutes a day to complete personalized exercises can have a lasting positive effect on the pain felt in the body and treatment with Dr.Phillipson.

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Dr. Tyler Phillipson is also certified in Whole Food Nutrition which allows him to have a better understanding of the connection between a patient’s health and their diet. Assisting a patient to meet their physical goals or help a condition along side medication, is Dr. Phillipson’s main approach. He suggests and recommends different strategies to aid a patient in becoming a healthier and happy version of themselves.


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